Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Three hour paint challenge at the Sebastian River Art Club

Our great host Judy Burgarella pulled it off today
encouraging a lot of us to push our brushes to 
complete a painting in three hours.
A few of us were successful!

Judy Burgarella herself                                                      
with her painted cowboy. 
She really gets into her painting doesn't she?                                       

 Jeanne Dumphey always does a
beautiful job and can't wait to see
this one completed.

Susie Lavender is working on this delightful
Mommy and Babies.  It will be wonderful
when completed.

Patti Goins does the most wonderful
and enchanting work with her beautiful
 oranges and bright intense detail.

 And Mary Rahmig does these perfect
water color paintings.
 Terry Pate has advanced so well with
her oil paintings that she can paint
anything she decides she wants to
and has turned into a truly wonderful
Florida artist.

Of course my little paintings are always happening.

And Ann Emery, she paints anything she wants and always uses the prettiest and softest colors of anyone.

Kathleen Richter has opened up and proven to be
one of our best artist.  She is amazing us and is
providing us with pure delight.

I hope this blog will encourage more of you all to
come and join the three hour challenge
painters at our Sebastian River Art Club.
Any Tuesday and Thursday
from 11:00am to 3:00 pm