Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Environmental Learning Center in Vero Beach, Florida


March 6, 2016

It was a really great day at The Environmental Learning Center.
I chose an area around the pond where the children
were catching things in their nets. 
They kept coming over now and then to check on the progress of my painting.
They thought I was awesome.  It was fun getting all those complements
from grateful little children.
One of the boys said "I WANT TO BUY THAT PAINTING"
I told him to go and tell his mom and if she wanted to come and speak with me
about the purchase that we could come up with a deal.
I let the young man buy the painting for $ 20.00. lol. 
The canvas cost $ 10.00 but the boys excitement was PRICELESS. 
Just got an email from them.  He is so happy.  I told him I was
excited for him because he was getting an original Peni Baker.  lol.
I signed it in front of him but 
the really cool thing was I told him to go grab a net
and get into the water with the other kids and I would paint him
into the painting.
He is the one in the green shirt.

So Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!








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