Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A lot to learn

Here I am. In the flesh. Just got out of the hospital yesterday. I'm well but my new meds are giving me a killer head acke.
Thats my final complaint for today. The most wonderful thing has happened. I am currently corresponding with a person from New Zealand who is a famous artist. He is a fabulous person and all of my facebook artist buddies, blog readers, and fellow art club members should look him up. He is at "" I very highly recommend him to anyone of you who is looking for any kind of art direction and or inspiration.
And along with this is my most recent photo of my current painting that I am working on in my art class under the direction of Dawn Mill at the Vero Beach Art Museum. Enjoy and I promise the next time you see this painting the kitty will have a face. Also I am including a copy of a painting by Richard Robinson, New Zealand Look him up. Peni

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