Sunday, November 3, 2013

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This blog is about a very special painting.

As some of you know, I had the opportunity to spend a little time
in the Tallahassee area in May of 2011.
While I was driving around in the town where our brother Joey lived,
I came upon a little shack of a cottage in the woods.
It is located right there on main street where you get off of Interstate 10
going into Joey's little town of Loyd, Florida.
For some reason I was completely taken with this little falling down shack.
I went back to it three times in two trips to Tallahassee
and took photos each time.
I suppose it was my way of having a little piece of my brother Joey
without having to go back to his house again.
I did go to Joey's house once during that visit to Tallahassee.
After Betti and Tim asked me to go back again and try to find our
sister n law, I found it too painful for me to return.
So instead I drove around looking for very old houses to photograph.
And of course to find a few more memories of some of my times
spent with Joey in Lloyd before he died.
This one really struck me. Like I said, I went back three times
for photographs
Well . . .Some of you know that I currently spend a great deal
of my time painting pictures.
This little shack was a Must to paint and because it took me a very long time to complete I am so anxious and proud, I could go no longer without sharing my story with all of you.
I have received so much personal enjoyment in painting this shack.
I hope that you all can enjoy it a little as well.
To me it will always be this little shack I stumbled across while looking for memories of my time spent with my brother Joey.
This is just a part of the painting.  One of the very pretty parts.

See the entire painting 

type in Peni Baker and click search.

It's fun,  you can see my artwork and even order a fabulous print

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