Sunday, April 18, 2010

April 18, 2010 - Making a blog work

I was very determined. I'm always very determined. I have always considered myself the "Queen of Making Do". I must say though, I just can't make this blog do what I want it to do. Rather then be frustrated, I'm just going to take a deep breath and move on.
I was unable to make a date appear on the top of each one of my post. So I will be typing it in along with the title of my post. And a number. I'm going to give my post a number. I'm sure that I will eventually learn how to do it. But until then, I would Rather be painting. And every once in a while, I would like to sell a painting.
So enough with this frustration stuff. I'm going to go enter the Daily Painters contest. If I don't win I will be satisfied in knowing that some of the best have seen my work. Thank you everybody.
Please, if you don't check out anything else then check out my video of "The making of a beautiful Mexican dancer in the post below this one. It was such a pleasure to paint and make the video for youtube and my blog and facebook and all my friends. Enjoy!!!!!!!

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