Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Blue Shanty by Peni Baker

16" x 20" acrylic canvas gallery wrap.
I was inspired to do this painting after returning home from a trip to the Dominican Republic. While going thru the photographs of the trip I ran across this one that reminded me of my driving escapade in this foreign country.
This is a painting of Ramon in front of his mom's house in Cabrera, Dominican Republic. Ramon is my son's friend & my driver while I was visiting his country. Ramon usually drove his motorcycle with my son up the mountain to the villa where I was staying. He would then take us out in my jeep for a day of sight seeing. I decided, on that particular morning in the photo, that I would drive myself into town so I could get used to the crazy foreign traffic. I couldn't remember where he lived so I decided that if I continued to drive around the small town of Cabrera, I would eventually find that distinct little "Blue Shanty". I did! He saw me and came running out of the house throwing on his T-shirt saying "can I go, can I go", and as you can see, his dog was running out the door as well. Look behind the motor cycle in the lower door entrance and you will see the spotted dog. Also one of Ramon's mother's friends is looking out the door at me. It was a big event for them to have a visitor from America in a rented vehicle pull up in front of their house. I'll always remember that distinct Little "Blue Shanty" and the entire trip and my son's friend Ramon.
This painting may be purchased for $ 1,300.00 at Artbypenibaker.blogspot.com. Send me an email at penelopepab@aol.com with any questions or needs. Thank you very much


  1. Peni,
    Love the details of this vibrant painting and the story behind it! I had a wonderful driver as well when we visited the Domincan Rep. a few years back but he wasn't nearly as "colorful" as yours!